Write KI a letter, send your stories, drawings, pictures, videos, tapes to:
BULLYING...We're Kickin It!
PO BOX 85 
Adelphia NJ 07710

*Please include your schools address or your preferred contact information.
*If you can not afford postage, please bring your package to your school, give them Kickin' Its information and KI will reimburse them for the postage.

Kickin' It offers many ways to participate in this National Movement, 
Please feel free to Contact Kickin' It if you would like:
~ programs or more information for your school, camp, athletic center, etc .
~ details about a project, task or activity.
~ to share a story, ask a question or need support.
~ be a campaign sponsor, or sponsor a local school or program.
~ to be a campaign spokesperson.
~ to become a campaign partner.
~ your product to be a part of the student reward system or make an in-kind donation.
~ to host or co-promote an event, fundraiser, walk or antibullying community gathering 
                      We welcome all comments, questions, thoughts and suggestions. 
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The More that Know about Kickin' It, the More Children Kickin' It Can Support!

The More that Know about Kickin' It, Takes Kickin’ It One Step Closer in Encountering that One Philanthropist, that will Help Kickin’ It Fulfill its Destiny of Creating Kickin' It Kids Centers and Charter Schools Across the Country...
Ensuring Every Child Preschool through College Has a Safe and Healthy School Experience!

BULLYING...We're Kickin' It

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