Kickin It Kids Antibullying & Leadership Center
Building Character & Respectful social Behaviors
M A N A L A P A N    N E W   J E R S E Y
PreSchool, HomeSchool, After School Workshops, Positive Outlet Programs, Mentoring, 
Summer Camps, 
School and Community Antibullying Resources

The Kickin’ It Anti-Bullying & Leadership  Center embraces children from early childhood through college supporting them throughout their academic, social and emotional journey; helping to develop well balanced, respectful, socially acceptable members of the community. 

This goal is achieved through the use of mentor and leadership workshops, a dynamic character building and empowerment curriculum, positive outlet programs, manners & etiquette training.

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Kickin' It Kids Center 
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It
The  Center  is the First Center of its Kind Embracing Children from Early Childhood Staying with them throughout Their School Years & Social Journey 

• Curriculum Designed for Children Beginning at 3 Years Old.

• HomeSchool Curriculum K-12; Offering Students Accredited Schooling with Extra Curricular Programs in a Social Environment.  
• Programs include a Core Character Building Curriculum
• Manners, Etiquette and Kindness are Taught & Re-enforced 
• Only Daily Curriculum that Includes Martial Arts Workshops Beginning at the Preschool Level 
• After School Positive Outlet Programs; such as music, art, animal care, dance, health, beauty, athletics & martial arts. 
*Positive outlets help turn negative feelings, stresses and emotions into positive energy and healthy respectful behaviors