A N T I B U L L Y I N G   &   L E A D E R S H I P   C E N T E R
Building Character & Respectful Social Behaviors

The Kickin' It Kids Center is the First Center of its Kind Embracing Children from Early Childhood  throughout Their School Years & Social Journey.

Curriculum and Programs are Designed for Children Beginning at 2 Years Old.

The Kickin' It Kids Center Provides  
PreSchool, HomeSchool, Afterschool Programs, 
Positive Outlet Programs, Like Skill Workshops,
Leadership Workshops, Character Development, 
Academic Achievement, Guardian Programs, 
Student Work Training Program,
Mentoring, Summer Camps,  
School and Community Antibullying Resources. 

The Center embraces children from early childhood, supporting them throughout their academic, social and emotional journey; helping to develop well balanced, tolerant, respectful, socially acceptable members of the community; who take accountability. 

This goal is achieved through structured educational programs with professionals, educators and mentors uniting together to provide academic achievement, leadership workshops, a dynamic character building and empowerment curriculum, cultural and diversity appreciation, social poise workshops, manners and etiquette training.

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Kickin' It Kids Become Leaders 
& Positive Role Models
Interactive Programs

Family Times
DO YOU....???
Children gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of how exhibiting proper etiquette behaviors and social decorum are important to their success. Powerful social skills promote Confidence and Leadership.

Kickin’ It Programs Also Introduce Social Graces, Appropriate Social Behaviors, the Importance and Benefits of Exhibiting Proper Etiquette Behaviors Such As: Rules of Introduction, Proper Handshakes, Interpersonal Skills, and Opening and Carrying a Conversation, Generosity, Appreciation, Thank you notes, Community Service, Giving and Receiving Compliments, Party Decorum, Sportsmanship, Being Punctual, Dating Etiquette, Chivalry, Table Manners and Dining Etiquette.
"Regardless of environment, financial background or social status...All children should have equal access to every level of education and be provided the skills to display proper etiquette behaviors and social decorum so they can proudly intermingle confidently with others of all social backgrounds."
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