Kickin' It Kids Learning Academy; Antibullying & Leadership Center 
Building Character & Respectful Social Behaviors
M A N A L A P A N    N E W   J E R S E Y
The Kickin' It Kids Center Provides  
PreSchool, HomeSchool, After School Workshops, 
Positive Outlet Programs, Like Skill Workshops, 
Guardian Programs, Mentoring, Summer Camps,  
School and Community Antibullying Resources. 

The Center embraces children from early childhood, supporting them throughout their academic, social and emotional journey; helping to develop well balanced, respectful, socially acceptable members of the community. 

This goal is achieved through the use of mentor and leadership workshops, a dynamic character building and empowerment curriculum, positive outlet programs, life skill workshops, tolerance, acceptance, accountability, cultural and diversity appreciation, manners and etiquette training.

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Kickin' It Kids Become Leaders 
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BULLYING...We're Kickin' It

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BULLYING...We're Kickin' It
The Kickin' It Kids Center is the First Center of its Kind Embracing Children from Early Childhood Staying with them throughout Their School Years & Social Journey.

*Curriculum Designed for Children Beginning at 2 Years Old.

*HomeSchool Curriculum; Offering Students Accredited Schooling with Extra Curricular Programs in a Social Environment.  
*Programs include a Core Character Building Curriculum. Manners, Etiquette and Kindness are Taught & Reinforced.

*Life Skill Workshops & Positive Outlet Programs are Implemented in the Daily Curriculum. Positive outlets help turn negative feelings, stresses and emotions into positive energy and healthy respectful behaviors. Programs and Workshop Emphasis: Music, Arts, Science, Athletics Culinary Arts, Animal Care, Banking, Sewing, Poetry, Gardening
Kickin It Kids Animal Care Programs