Kickin' It Creatively...
Expression through the numerous forms of art is a healthy positive outlet, that can be used privately to release tension and emotion or it can be displayed to reflect upon or admired over time. Art can also allow others to connect, reflect and feel a sense comfort or familiarity.

Art can be expressed creatively in various ways through a lens, written or drawn on paper or a canvas, with sculptures, displays or free standing platforms. Any way to capture a memory and share feelings, laughs, conflict, happiness, strength, every single emotion can be expressed through Art.

Art is limitless, creativity is limitless...expressed through photography, drawings, writings with oils, paints, clay, wires, tiles, wood, metals even garbage...Art is as unique as the individual creating it, the message can be powerful and bold to subtle and hidden...nothing compares to the personal form of expression through art. 

​Whether you want your story retold for century's or your rare piece of art on display at a museum for generations to view, or just enjoy writing in a private journal. Any healthy creative way to express yourself through Art can be a positive and personally rewarding outlet for you to reflect on or to share making a lasting impression for others to enjoy.

**Do you think you can capture a moment and trap it in time? Grab a camera take some pictures and send them to Kickin' It. Pictures will be considered for Kickin' Its AntiBullying Bulletin, a monthly newsletter.  Introducing you to a wonderful profession or a profitable hobby. Either way there is no greater thrill than snapping that once in a lifetime shot that was captured at a precise moment.**

**Can you write a poem or story that will make someone laugh, cry or cheer? Do you have a unique style of expressing emotions through words? Are you better at drawing a story or sculpting something that will hypnotize the onlooker?

Submit your story, poems, drawings or pictures of your creations using anything imaginable and it will be considered for Kickin' Its Social Media Pages, Website and will display at the Kickin' It Kids Center. If Kickin' It feels your personal story is inspiring, Kickin' It may feature it for the 'Heart of a Champion' card, implementing it into the campaign, sharing it with students across the country,**

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Who is laughing now?
You used to make me sulk and cry,
I would sit and think and wonder why.
Why is it me that you need to bully,
I will never quite understand it fully.
But now you are in jail, locked up real tight.
And I am no longer the source of your spite.
I think of you and your little friends too
Because now that your gone, 
I am sorry for you!
~NJ LBMS Ms. Davis' Class
I remember walking in the halls hearing taunts and teasing. On the whole I was rather clueless, taking the mocking a just a joke resulting in little harm. Sadly I was horribly wrong.  Across the state bullying prevention programs were being instituted. These were assemblies to teach us, adults and children alike, about the true meaning of bullying and the long term effects. I can recall how many people used these times to catch up on sleep or get out of class. I know this because I was one of those people. 

I never thought that these programs would be of any benefit to me. I was a straight A student in all honors classes, surrounded by a loving family and great friends. No one ever tried to bully me so everything I heard from the assembly spokespeople seemed untrue.  I mean people getting hurt mentally and physically and ending up as anorexics and psychologically impaired. How could this be true? As it turns out, I was about to be smacked in the face with a heavy dose of reality.

It all began on the Monday of the week of finals. I had my history project due, a science PowerPoint to be finished, and not to mention a two thousand word essay about a quote that I had no idea the meaning of for English class. The minute I arrived in study hall I whipped out the English assignment. “To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you and swing you around is another.� by Katherine Paterson. What does that mean? Does it mean that to fear is a bad thing? I could not decipher the meaning… it just didn’t make sense. 

Then my best friend Cara took a seat beside me. “What are you doing?� she asked, noticing my frustration.  “Oh its nothing. I just can’t figure out the quote Mrs. Dalton assigned as a final writing piece.� Saying that aloud released some of the tension. “Don’t worry, I know that you’ll figure it out. quotes always come easy to you and you relate them to yourself so well.� Cara had a way of making me feel better “You’re probably right. I just need to give it some time.� I took in a deep breath and after counting to ten let out the concealed air and felt a certain calmness enter my bloodstream. Seeing my muscles ease made Cara’s face light up.

Or at least until the cheerleaders strolled up to our table. Almost immediately they began insulting Cara, calling her fat and ugly. I wanted to say something, to defend my closest and dearest friend, but I couldn’t. I don’t know if it was because I was afraid or because Cara seemed to ignore them, pretending to be consume in her history book. But the truth is that I froze. Simply froze, becoming useless and motionless. Soon enough they left, however when I turned to Cara her only words were  that she had to go.

Over the next few days my eyes were watching the halls like a hawk. I wanted to see what went on from day to day that I had been missing. And when I did this I realized that there was teasing, pushing, and shoving. There were scared and timid faces that were trying to be shadows. Most importantly I noticed that Cara was one of those people, trying to hide amongst the crowd, feeling the wrath of multiple bullies. And at that very point of realization I became filled with such rage; it was as if someone had begun a never ceasing wildfire in my heart. This time was no different than the last though. I only sat, frozen in anger and hatred. 

Later that night as I sat on my bed, attempting to go to sleep, all I could envision was what I had earlier while at school. it was like a nightmare that didn’t stop when you woke up, instead it grew worse. I wanted to do something, to be of some help but I couldn’t bring myself to do it and I hadn’t a clue why. For several hours more I tried to will myself to sleep but it was no use. Finally I decided to get up to get some hot tea to in order to calm my nerves. And as I was sitting there taking tiny sips of the nearly scalding liquid it came to me. I understood what Katherine Patterson meant in her quote regarding fear. She was saying that it is okay to have fears, but to let them control and influence your actions is a different story. Katherine wanted you to overcome your fears and to not let them belittle you. It was then that I decided to follow her advice and get help for my friend and all the others who were treated unfairly.

The next morning I asked to schedule and appointment with our guidance councelor. During my lunch period I met with her and expressed my concerns. She thanked me for taking the time to notice others and not just myself. When I left her office I felt wonderful knowing that I had tried to help and that hopefully Cara along with the others could get on with their lives and be happy. In fact, since then I have seen Cara return to her usual giddy self. 

It is sad that a loved one has to get hurt for you to realize what is going on around you. Many of us think the bullying prevention assemblies are useless, but I am no longer one of those people. During those discussions my eyes and ears are glued to the speaker, yearning for more information. I want to make a difference and now I know that even the smallest of deeds can make the world of difference.
7th Grader Joseph NJ MAMS
BULLYING...We're Kickin' It
Mrs Dee Kickin It Kids Preschool 2015